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The Modules of Softube´s Modular Part 1

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My e-book:

The Modules of Softube´s Modular

Part 1

covering the 4 different Sequencer Modules as well as Intellijel´s Rubicon and Intellijel´s Korgasmatron II.

An e-book?

Well, it´s more a “multimedia book” actually, because it comes together with more than 5 and a half hours of video tutorials about the matter.

And each of the 271 pages of my e-book is equipped with direct links to exactly that part of the video, that point in the video, on the videos timeline, where the detail, you are currently reading about, is shown and explained.

271 pages, 340 minutes of video,

a lot more details, than you can find in the manuals,

some hidden features

Chapter 1: The Sequencers 

Why Analogue Sequencing? 4

The Sequencer 16, the Sequencer 8 and the

Penta Sequenza 7

Clock and Synchronisation 8

Automating the LENGTH Parameter 11

Looping and Linking Two Sequencers 14

Sequencer and CV Control 20

Trigger and Gate 24

Patching 1 28

Patching 2 32

Patching 3: Transposing 36

Patching 4: Sequencing a VCF 40

Patching 5: VCOs as Clock Generators 41

Patching 6: Refining 47

Patching 7: Complex Rhythms 49

The Beat Sequencer 53

Ratcheting 61

Chapter 2: Intellijel Rubicon 

Introduction 71

General Structure of the Module 73

The Inputs and the Outputs 77

The VCO Mode and the LFO Mode and the

Frequency Ranges 80

The Sub-Oscillator 82

The Sigmoid Wave 83

The Pulse Type Switch and Edge Aligned vs.

Center Aligned 84

The Phase Relation of Triangle and Saw 90

Softsync and Hardsync with Different Wave Shapes 102

Different Sync Sources 134

Frequency Modulation and Exponential FM 140

Through Zero Frequency Modulation 146

Miscellaneous FM Patches and Corresponding

Ranges of the Potentiometers 158

Generating Microtonal Scales Using FM 164

The Symmetry Function 167

The Index Input 175

The 20% Principle of CV 181

Different Kinds of Generating Melodies Using FM

and Some Secrets of the Signal Flow 184

Chapter 3: Korgasmatron II 

Introduction and a Bit of History 202

The Overall Architecture of Korgasmatron II 204

The Different Relations of Inputs A and B in

Serial and Parallel Mode 207

The Xfade Function 214

The Four Basic Setups 221

The Modulation Functionality of Cutoff 224

The 1Volt per Octave Inputs and

Their Creative Potential 230

The Audio Inputs 233

Clipping and Distorting with

Different Wave Shapes 235

One to Four Pole Filters and Filter Slopes 237

Different Filter Types and Resonance 240

A Misbehaving Bandpass Filter 251

Korgasmatron´s High Pass Filter 257

The Band Reject Filter and Filter Q 261

Patching 1 266

Patching 2 267

Patching 3 268

Patching 4 269

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271 pages, 340 minutes of video, a lot more details, than you can find in the manuals, some hidden features