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Roland System 100m

The first part of my new series of videos about the Roland System 100m (remakes) and its cooperation with other systems and synths is online.

The video gives real in-depth insights of the functionality, the waves, and the spectra, and demonstrates in a couple of patches how well it cooperates with the ARP 2500 remakes as well as with Moog Werkstatt, Korg Volca Modular and Behringer Neutron. At the end of the video I compare the hardware module with a VCV software module.



0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:53 Functionality: Overview

0:03:51 Functionality: Frequency Ranges

0:05:57 Functionality: Pulse width and PWM

0:08:49 Functionality: Oscillator Sync

0:11:28 Functionality: Pitch Modulation

0:14:23 Wave Shapes: Triangle (pure)

0:16:27 Wave Shapes: Triangle with Oscillator Sync

0:17:41 Wave Shapes: Saw (pure)

0:18:34 Wave Shapes: Saw with Oscillator Sync

0:19:35 Wave Shapes: Square (pure)

0:20:26 Wave Shapes: Square with Oscillator Sync

0:22:11 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: triangle/triangle

0:26:34 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: triangle/saw

0:28:16 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: triangle/square

0:30:25 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: triangle/pulse

0:32:11 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: saw/triangle

0:33:53 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: saw/saw

0:35:29 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: saw/square

0:39:16 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: square/triangle

0:42:12 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: square/saw

0:43:47 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: square/square

0:46:57 Wave Shapes: Frequency Modulation: pulse/pulse

0:51:01 Oscillator Sync (explanations)

0:55:11 Wave Shapes: FM plus Oscillator Sync

1:03:24 Patching: Roland VCO plus ARP FiltAmp (filter only)

1:16:05 Patching: Roland VCO/ARP FiltAmp/Neutron/Keystep

1:19:50 Patching: Roland VCO/ARP ModAmp/Neutron/Keystep

1:24:00 Patching: Roland VCO/ARP ModAmp/ARP FiltAmp/Neutron/Keystep

1:28:00 Patching: Roland VCO/ARP FiltAmp/ARP ModAmp/Neutron/Keystep/Moog Werkstatt

1:29:48 Patching: Roland VCO/ARP FiltAmp/Neutron/Keystep/Moog Werkstatt/Volca Modular

1:32:05 Roland VCO 112 (Hardware) vs. VCV Rack VCO 3340 (Software)

1:37:55 Some (important) Words at the End

Roland System 100m

The first part of my new series of videos about the Roland System 100m (remakes) and its cooperation with other systems and synths is online.

Roland System 100m

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