ARP 2500 Part 4 The Oscillator Module(s) 1004

Part 4 of my series about the ARP 2500 is finished and ready to watch (for members* only). It´s all and everything about Behringer´s hardware remake of the oscillator module 1004 (-T). Then the video compares the hardware remake with Voltage Modular´s software version, and both with the functionality of the original ARP module from the 1970s. There´s even a short excursion to compare the ARP module with the Roland oscillator module 112. A bit of patching rounds the video up. The public trailer is on YouTube (see link).

Pre-Order "A Systematic Introduction to Making Generative Music With Modular Synths" and win!

Everybody who orders the book before August 10 gets the chance to win a 5-year download-all for free license.

Just donate the price of the book ($ 24.50) and write "Generative pre-order"

You can also win by sending in (to photographs or screenshots or videoclips or screen recordings of you working with modulars. You don´t need be seen in the photos etc. if you don´t like to. But hurry up: the doors close Tuesday, 10 August at 16.00 CET (GMT + 2).

Yippee! I Finished The Book …

… well, I´ve finished writing. I have to find the typing mistakes now, do some lay-out work (at least a bit of) and think of some kind of marketing.

But let me show you the content at least:


Chapter 0: About This Course And Some Words About

What Generative Music Is 6


Chapter 1: Real Randomness vs. Complex Cycles (and the combination of both) 10

   Chapter 1.1: LFOs 10

   Chapter 1.2: Other Devices Generating Regular Cycles 59

My 3rd EBook - and its 24/7 Celebration (There are huge awards to get)

Dear Friends! Dear Community members! Dear Supporters!

My new ebook “A Systematic Introduction to Making Generative Music With Modular Synthesizers“ is going to be published 10 August 2021.

The book has grown to more than 300 pages so far, it already contains more than 100 video clips, some of which are up to 40 minutes long. There are more than 100 patch examples and more than 200 illustrations and graphics so far.

A Systematic Introduction To Making Generative Music With Modular Synths

I´d been thinking of putting my experience with generative music into a book for quite a long time, when Covid-19 struck in a very brutal way here in the Czech republic. And with the virus came the probably most severe (and longest) lockdown the world has seen.

The lockdown, no social contacts, a lot of time at home, that all made it the right time to start writing at last. There are some great and wonderful videos on Youtube about the matter of generative music. Let me only name Omri Cohen´s videos, or Mylarmelodies. Great content. Wonderful collegues. Instructive examples.

In the World of Grains - Volume 1

On 220 pages incl. 48 embedded videos this first volume of the compendium of granular synthesis, granular sound design and granular sound processing in general introduces the most important (if not all) aspects of generating and using sonic grains in music production, composition and scientific investigation in sound. Instead of a lot of words, here is the content of this Volume 1:



Chapter 1: A Brief History of Granular Sound Processing 

Chapter 2: Computer Languages and Programming