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Table of Videos
Titel video screenshot video summary watch the video
A Treasure Hunt Part 1 sonic treasure hunt A Treasure Hunt – Seeking Sonic Jewels, Part 1 watch the video
A Treasure Hunt Part 2 sonic treasure hunt Finding sonic jewels in an old building watch the video
A Treasure Hunt Part 3 sonic treasure hunt Finding interesting material in the kitchen and making beautiful bells watch the video
Alpha Ray Tutorial 1: Overview and Oscillators Alpha Ray This is a video I made in 2014. But the voiceover was terrible! I thought, the video deserved a new one. Everything else (included the description) is left unchanged. watch the video
ARP 2500 Part 1 – … And Suddenly the Magic Is Back Again ARP 2500 After demonstrating and explaining in-depth the functionality of the FiltAmp module I compare (comprehensively) the filter unit of this module, the filter of Moog´s Werkstatt-01, the filter of Behringer´s Neutron and the low-pass gate of Korg´s Volca Modular. Some demonstrations of the “KYBD” function finish this part 1. watch the video
ARP 2500 Part 2 – Does the Magic Withstand? ARP 2500 Cherry Audio VM 2500 Behringer System 2500 In this part I compare Behringer´s hardware remake and Cherry Audio´s software version of the Filtamp Module 1006 with the original module from 1970. watch the video
ARP 2500 Part 3 "Gandalf and the ARP 2500 ModAmp Module 1005" ARP 2500 Modamp module 1005 In the video I explain the functionality of the module, and compare Behringer´s hardware remake, Cherry Audio´s software version and the original module from 1970. watch the video
Arturia CMI V - The Magic of Fairlight Arturia CMI V Fairlight A slightly different approach to Arturia´s “CMI V” software version of the legendary Fairlight CMI (Computer Music Instrument). watch the video
Arturia Keystep - The Sequencer Arturia Keystep watch the video
Basic Famous and Classic Modular Synthesizer Patches Part 1 modular synthesizer patches First part of basic, standard and classic modular synthesizer patches. Shown, demonstrated and explained with Voltage Modular. watch the video