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Table of Videos
Titel video screenshot video summary watch the video
Learning the ARP 2600 with Original Patches Part 3 ARP 2600 patches Today I destruct and explain patch number 26 from the original ARP 2600 patchbook from the 1970s (and show some interesting variations as well of course). watch the video
Learning the ARP 2600 with Original Patches Part 4 ARP 2600 Patchbook Here in part 4 I show and analyse patch no. 50 „Primeval Forest“ from the original 1970s ARP Patchbook. watch the video
Making a Big DIY Modular Synth Part 26 Soldering Iron Part 26 of my video diary about me making a big hybrid DIY modular synth. I´m making front panels from parts of an old TV. It´s real – but don´t take it too serious. watch the video
Ommarunn Tutorial 1: Overview Ommarunn This first tutorial gives you an overview about the uncommon but powerful softsynth Ommarunn and the underlaying system of its functionality. watch the video
Palindrome Part 2 - From Bowl to Ghostly Monster Sound Glitchmachines Palindrome Making a complex ghostly horror sound starting with a simple bowl from the kitchen. Classes/types of sounds and samples and how to make use of them. watch the video
Past Meets Future Part 1 history of musical instruments The barrel organs of the 14th century can be seen as the first musical sequencers. This is the first of 100 short video clips leading your from the past to music making of today. watch the video
rofilm Quick Guide - Full Bucket´s tricent mk III Tip 1 Full Bucket tricent mk III Full Bucket tricent mk III, dealing with unwanted sound tales, and substituting the missing Unison mode. watch the video
Roland System 100m Part 1 Double VCO 112 Roland System 100m The video gives real in-depth insights of the functionality, the waves, and the spectra, and demonstrates in a couple of patches how well it cooperates with the ARP 2500 remakes as well as with Moog Werkstatt, Korg Volca Modular and Behringer Neutron. At the end of the video I compare the hardware module with a VCV software module. watch the video
Softube Modular Part 1 - Installation and Overview Softube Modular How to install the basic software, and what does the Modular contain. watch the video
Softube Modular Part 2 - File Management and Basic Modular Concepts Basic Modular Concepts Explaining and showing the basics about CV, Gate, Audio, Trigger, MIDI ... watch the video